Dividend Income October 2017

The month of October went by so quickly in terms of dividend Income. I received my last dividend by the 15th of the month. It’s a couple days before the month is over and I am sitting comfortably in Sydney writing my monthly income post. October is one of my lower paying month for dividends, but I was able to save up some money and buy twice this month new shares. Besides that I want to focus on building up my cash reserve more. The simple reason behind that decision is that according to my calculations I should have a few thousand dollar more in there. I dug through the photos on my computer again for this post and decided to go with another picture from my road trip around Australia. This adorable little wild fox was passing us by just a few meters next to the hiking path we were taking along the coast. Good times! With that said, let’s look at the dividend income for October.

October 2017 brought the following dividends:

Australian shares in $AUD:
Crown Resorts   57.33
G8 Education     91.29

Total dividend:  $148.61 AUD

European and US shares in Euro:
Altria                       22.35
Philip Morris          9.91
Realty Income       3.75

Total dividend:    36.01 €

As usual I do apply the latest exchange rate to calculate the overall amount in Australian Dollar. October 2017 brought me $203.04 AUD.  October is another below average month for me. Looking forward I can tell that there are more month like that to come. The chart comparing the monthly dividend illustrates this very well.

We can see that I go through a little dip in the next 3-4 month, but that’s in the future to come. Lets take a closer look at October. There aren’t too many payments this month, just 2 in Australia and 3 in my German account with all of them being from US stocks. In my opinion this month’s dividend payments from Altria and G8 Education stick out. I bought both stocks already twice so the payments are higher than they used to. In the end it doesn’t really matter, the overall dividend and dividend growth rates are what is really important. Those numbers slowly getting bigger and we are almost at the end of the year and then I compare the overall year over year growth. I got to say that I and everyone else who is actively investing in the share market and building up a passive income are very fortunate.

Dividend Growth
This is the part where it usual gets good. Being just in the second year of my investment journey the dividend growth rates are at their peaks. Thankfully October is no exception. Compared to October 2016 with just $39.00 AUD to 2017 with $203.04 AUD gives me a dividend growth rate of 420.58 %. Now that’s what I like to see! In all fairness, last year’s $39 AUD is the lowest dividend month I ever had, so obviously the growth in the coming year will be extraordinary. As always at this part I look at the dividend growth rate compared last year to the current one, and boy did I hit a milestone. With the $203 Dollar from October I finally doubled my dividend income from last year. From March till December 2016 I did receive $1590 aussie Dollar in dividends. With the end of October does my income for 2017 stands at $3195 Dollar. The best part about this is that there are still 2 month to come before the year is over! This is awesome and I can’t wait for the end of the year to come so I can crunch some numbers for the whole year.

Since a few month I also report on any purchases I did during the month. I bought twice in October from my German account.

• 39 shares of AT&T for 1322.30 Euro
• 51 shares of Omega Healthcare for 1406.33 Euro

With AT&T I did initiate a new position in my portfolio. As I am writing this, the share is already down 15 percent; bummer! Omega Healthcare on the other hand is well established in my portfolio. This is the time I bought this stock. This buy is also down 10 percent already as I am writing this. I seem to have a talent for this. In addition to these two purchases I also build up my cash reserve to $4000 AUD. That’s it for this month and looking forward I think I have to cut back a little with the rate I am investing.
As always, I like to end these posts with my calculated forward dividend income for the next twelve month. With the new acquired shares this month, dividend growth and the latest exchange rates my dividend income going forward for the next 12 month sits at $372.53 AUD. If I compare this to last month report that’s an increase of over $22 AUD. The big difference here makes the investment in Omega Healthcare with over 8 percent dividend yield at the moment. Well, overall I consider this to be a very successful month in my book. November should turn out better again in turns of dividend income. I certainly can’t wait.
Dividend Wombat

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

Dividend Income September 2017

Here we are together again for another dividend income report, for September 2017. The month has been pretty good in terms of dividends with a lot of my Australian shares paying me their half yearly dividend. I had to take a little break this month on investing new money into my portfolio because of personal expenses but I was able to build up my personal cash reserve. This month’s picture is evidence of the earlier mentioned personal expenses. Yes, we did a sweet little balloon ride just outside of Sydney. With that said, let’s look at the dividend income for September.

September 2017 brought the following dividends:

Australian shares in $AUD:
IOOF Holdings                 75.99
Dominos                          19.63
Suncorp                            138.86
Rio Tinto                            60.99
Ramsay Health Care      30.27
Telstra                                110.71

Total dividend:            $346.45 AUD

European and US shares in Euro:
Pfizer                                 9.38
3M                                       6.88
Realty Income                  3.71
Royal Dutch Shell          17.12
VF Corp                                8.04
Extra Space Storage        9.88
Service Corp                     5.83

Total dividend:               60.83 €

As usual I do apply the latest exchange rate to calculate the overall amount in Australian Dollar. September 2017 brought me $528.11 AUD. Woah, what a surprise, I did not see that coming. That’s what I needed after August was a little bummer dividend wise. As always, kind of like the little highlight of my post, here is the chart comparing the monthly dividend income.

As we can see September has been a very good month for me. It is now officially my second best month of the year, giving me two month where I close in over $500 AUD. The big difference was made again by my Australian shares. My holdings in Suncorp, Rio Tinto or Telstra just pay a very nice yield, that end up making a good chunk of my overall dividend. The dividends from my US shares mostly give me a quarterly dividend a little under 10 Euros. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in every Dollar counts, but the big dividend payer from Australia make all the difference at the moment. Obviously there is not that much dividend growth as you can expect it from a solid US dividend aristocrat. As always, as long as I keep investing new money I will be just fine.

Dividend Growth
Speaking of being fine, let’s look at the dividend growth rate for September. Compared to 2016 with $290.69 AUD to a sweet $528.11 AUD in 2017 brings me to a growth rate of 81.67 %. Close to doubling my dividend income from almost $300 AUD last year is very nice in my opinion. The dividends are rolling in each and every month and the numbers slowly making their way up. Now if we look at the following table, it shows the dividend growth compared year to year already at an amazing 88.17 %. Things are going really well and there are still 3 more month to come in the year. Although I can say that these month won’t be as exciting in terms of dividend income.

Since my report last month I also do include any new investments I bought during the month. Unfortunately I didn’t add any new shares to my portfolio since I mainly build up my cash reserve. I did however get started on Acorns. If you never heard of Acorns, it’s an App that automatically takes spare change from your bank account and invests it into the share market. It does so using ETFs and the received dividends are automatically reinvested. For someone who’s a little obsessed with crunching numbers and investing it’s very interesting. In the last 4 weeks I did invest a little over $200 AUD into Acorns and now am patiently waiting for my first dividend. My cash reserve is now build up to $3500 AUD, I feel quite good about this, but I want to add more to it in the future.
As always at the grand final of the post, let’s look at the forward monthly dividend income for the next twelve month. This metric comes in at $350.23 AUD. This is a little over 3 Dollar more compared to last month. Keeping in mind that I didn’t buy any new shares, I consider this a big win. I will definitely deploy fresh money next month to buy new shares, potentially invest in a new company!
Well, that’s it for September folks. Like I said, October is going to be a little slower in terms of dividend income but that won’t slow me down. I certainly can’t wait.
Dividend Wombat

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

Dividend Income August 2017

Here we are again, at the beginning of September 2017. Another month has passed by and I am writing my monthly report on dividend income. August was a rather slow month in terms of dividend income with just a few payments from the US. Nether the less, any payments counts. I try to invest more money each month into new companies. Since I am having some extra expenses at the moment, each and every payment helps me out. Look at me, two years ago I didn’t even have any passive income and now I am already counting on it. As usual I dug through my old pictures to find one for this post. I found this one I took over three years ago when I spend most of the summer in Prague. With that said, let’s look at the dividend income for August.

August 2017 brought the following dividends:

No dividends from my Australian Shares

European and US shares in Euro:
General Mills               7.86
ONEOK                        20.16
Realty Income             3.77
Omega Healthcare   38.03
Procter & Gamble       8.19
Kinder Morgan            5.63

Total dividend:           83.64 €

As usual I do apply the latest exchange rate to calculate the overall amount in Australian Dollar. August 2017 brought me $124.52 AUD. This means August is a way below average month for dividend income. To put this number in perspective we just look at the following chart comparing my monthly dividend income.

As shown above, August has been a rather lower income month. I got six payments from my investments in the US market. Of course there is the monthly dividend payer that so many blogger own, Realty Income. The other payments also came from rather well-known companies like, Omega Healthcare, Procter & Gamble and so on. The only downturn on this is that the US Dollar gets weaker against the Euro as I am writing this. The quarterly payment I received in Euro is therefore lower than what I used to get three month ago. Then ago, I live in Australia, so technically I have to add a third currency in all this. I think everyone that invests international in stocks is aware of the fact that sometimes the currency rate works against you and sometimes it works in your favour.

Dividend Growth
Ok, let’s forget about exchange rates and look at the dividend growth rate. Compared to August 2016 with $60.26 AUD to 2017 with $124.52 AUD I end up with a sweet 106.63 % growth rate. Double dividend income compared to last year feels really good to be honest. This is exactly where I want to be, steady growth every month. As always it’s good to look at the overall dividend growth comparing the whole year 2017 to 2016. Looking at the following table we can see that I am already 54.96 % ahead of 2016 and there are still four month to come till the end of the year. One thing I am not including in these reports but I do calculate for myself is a forecast for dividend income for the next 12 month. I can therefore confidentially say, yes I will double my income by the end of the year!

Since my report last month I also do include any new investments I bought during the month. I bought twice in August.

24 shares of Altria for 1347.30 Euro
26 shares of Ramsay Health Care for $1943.95 AUD

Altria is one of the companies I already owned before and I used the setback in the price to average down on my investment. Altria is and will be a stable dividend payer in my opinion. The second investment is new, Ramsay Health Care, a health care provider I bought over my Australian bank account. This company should pay me about 2.4 % of dividend yield. The company had a nice growth rate in the past and this is the main reason why I invested in it. Unfortunately as I am writing this post, my investment in ramsay health care is already 10 % down. Guess I should have waited two weeks to buy, oh well. Besides my new investments I also did build up my cash reserve to $2500 AUD. I will build this up in the next few month, because having an actual reserve for emergencies and for opportunities at the share market became more and more important.
As always, I like to end these posts with my calculated forward dividend income for the next twelve month. With the new acquired shares this month, dividend growth and the latest exchange rates my dividend income going forward for the next 12 month sits at $346.55 AUD. Compared to last month’s report that’s over $16 AUD more! I love this so much. With big steps I am going my way to a solid $400 AUD average monthly income. Thinking about that I am investing for less than two years this is awesome!
Speaking of, I estimate that in September I will bring in over $400 AUD in dividend from all the great companies I am invested in. I certainly can’t wait.
Dividend Wombat

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

Dividend Income July 2017

Is it just me or do these months just keep flying by? It feels like yesterday, when I started this website to track down my progress. It’s good to see the monthly progress, the amount of dividends received and the YOY dividend growth. I like to think of it as the hours and hours I won’t have to work in the future. That’s right, I am sacrificing the time and money now in order of what I will become in the future. In order to remind myself of the good times I had up until now in my life I always add a picture from my past into these reports. I took this month’s picture a little over a year ago on my road trip from Sydney to Adelaide. Look at this glorious cow, isn’t she magnificent? With that said, let’s look at the dividend income for July.

July 2017 brought the following dividends:

Australian shares in $AUD:
ANZ                     73.14
Westpec             67.14
NAB                     72.13
G8 Education     91.29

Total dividend:   $303.70 AUD

European and US shares in Euro:
Altria                     8.56
Philip Morris      10.01
Realty Income      3.88
Lyxor STOXX       36.70

Total dividend:    59.15 €

As usual I do apply the latest exchange rate to calculate the overall amount in Australian Dollar. July 2017 brought a solid $390.72 AUD. I always enjoy when the current month is better than the last one. As you can clearly see from the following chart, the columns are slowly making their way up.

July has been an above average month, with the majority of the income coming from my Australian shares. Three out of four of these payments came from bank shares, which do pay a nice dividend, but I intend to not stock up the amount of bank shares in my portfolio for the time being. The fourth one being a company called G8 Education It is the largest childcare provider in Australia and it’s listed in the ASX200. As a matter of fact it’s also the largest position I am currently holding in my portfolio, making up 4.9 % of my overall investments.
At my German bank account I did get paid twice for that wacky tobacky, from Altria and Philip Morris. Speaking of wacky tobacky, after the latest news from the US my investment in Altria took a nice plunge. I am curious how this will develop, for now I’ll wait and see. Besides that I got the usual monthly dividend from realty income. Honestly, I already love this company and I will definitely stock up on them in the future.
I thought that would be it for the month, but I was wrong. It’s one of those moments when you’re glad you are wrong. I invest 100 Euro each month into an ETF that tracks the STOXX Select Dividend 30 Index, in other words the money is spread across Europe into dividend shares. Well, this ETF paid an unexpected dividend of 36.70 Euro. The fun thing about this investment is that I don’t pay any fees for my monthly deposits and the received dividends get automatically reinvested. The ETF usually pays a dividend twice a year and the yield will be just under 5 % according to my calculations. If I keep saving into this ETF, and I will, the dividend next year should be very nice.

Dividend Growth
Alright, so far so good. The dividend growth YOY for July is 429.08 %, hell yeah! Another unexpected awesome YOY growth. I totally forgot that I only received $74 AUD last year. I want to keep those percentages high for as long as possible. Speaking of awesome growth, the year over year growth for the whole year is already sitting at a satisfying 47.12 %. That’s right folks, I am already almost 50 % ahead of 2016 and there are another five month to come. By now I am fairly confident in saying that I will definitely double my dividends from last year!

Starting this month, I will also include any investment decisions. I was rather busy this month, opening up two new positions.

33 shares of Verizon for 1291.67 €
31 shares of Rio Tinto for $1953.89 AUD

I mentioned it before, the main income from my everyday job is in Australian Dollar for the time being. For maximal confusion I do invest in aussie shares and in German and US shares via my German bank account. As intended in my last posts, I did not sell out any of my investments, just investing new money. Also starting from this month I will include a cash reserve I kind of keep for emergencies, kind of keep around if a good opportunity arises.
As always, I like to end these posts with my calculated forward dividend income for the next twelve month. With my new investments and the already established investments the numbers just come in with an astounding $330 AUD. That’s an extra $19 AUD compared to last month! Whoa, awesome! I kind of hope I can keep those numbers up. I am starting to dream here a little bit, but maybe I can ramp up those numbers up to $500 AUD before I turn 32 next year. That would certainly be a nice present I am giving to myself.
August will be a total below average month. Nether the less, I certainly can’t wait!

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

June Dividend Income 2017

Although we’re already half way through July I haven’t forgotten about June. Of course I couldn’t beat my record from last month, but it was still an overall good month. I only wrote a few monthly dividend income reports, but one thing I noticed is how every month is unique compared to the next one. You have your yearly dividend payers, the US stocks that pay every quarter and half the dividend from the Australian shares every six month. Let’s dive right in and look at the dividend income of June.

June 2017 brought the following dividends:

No dividends from my Australian Shares

European and US shares in Euro:
Pfizer                             9.95
Freenet                     129.60
Jenoptik                       17.00
3M                                   7.31
Realty Income               3.96
VF Corp                           8.60
Royal Dutch Shell        17.61
Extra Space Storage   10.22
Service Copr                  6.03

Total dividend:           210.29 €

As usual I do apply the latest exchange rate to calculate the overall amount in Australian Dollar. June 2017 brought a solid $312.38 AUD. It’s a very nice number I have to say. Let’s see how this looks in the chart comparing the monthly income year over year.

June has been an average month as you can see from the chart. I had a couple better months since the spring is usually a good time for me, but now we are back to normal digits. I noticed that it gets increasingly harder and harder to keep up with everything. My money is spread out over more than 40 single investments at the moment, the majority of which are paying dividend. It certainly would be easier to keep the number of investment lower, but there are just so many good companies out there that I want to own.
Dividend Growth
The dividend growth for June from 2016 to 2017 is 182.62 %. I do love those triple digits growth rates, because I will not see them again. At least that’s the plan. I still hope for a solid dividend increase in the coming year. Speaking of, the year over year growth is also coming along just fine. If we look at the following table we can see that I am already 22.55 % further than I was in 2016. Considering that we are only half way through the year, I am as happy as can be!

Alright, June is done and it was a good month. I did sell out two of my investments, Woolworth and BHP. The later one made a nice recovery right after I sold them; shame! This is a good reminder that I am not in the trading business. I really want to apply a buy and hold strategy, but it’s always tempting to chase that fast new investment. This is something I have to work on in the future.
The end of June is also important since it marks the end of the financial year in Australia. That means I can spend the next weekend going through all my documents to track down everything for my tax return. Since I expect a nice return, its time spend well.
As a new tradition I like to end the monthly income posts with my calculated forward dividend income for the next 12 month. I calculated this metric for the first time in May and it turned out to be a solid $287 AUD. If I am not mistaken, my forward monthly dividend income sits just at $311 AUD. Did I mention before it becomes harder and harder to keep track of everything?! I am not sure where this $22 AUD jump comes from, but if it’s in the numbers it must be true. That’s all for this month, I am thinking about adding my investments for the month in these posts from now on. I usually buy one or two new investments each month these days. Let’s see how next month turns out, I certainly can’t wait.

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

May Dividend Income 2017

Here we go again, and what a month it has been! Before I even get into the numbers, let’s just say this has been my best month so far on the journey I started one and a half years ago. That’s it, just 18 months to get here.

May is a special month for me. A good part of my portfolio consists of German companies, with a majority of those paying the full dividend for the year in May. Adding to this, a few American companies and one from Australia made up for a fantastic month! I could go on about how good that month was, but let’s just look at the numbers.

May 2017 brought the following dividends:

Australian shares in $AUD:
Bank of Queensland        72.74

Total dividend:                 $72.74 AUD

European and US shares in Euro:
General Mills                   8.33
Allianz                               53.20
Fuchs Petrolub                25.52
CTS Eventim                     32.34
Realty Income                  4.03
Omega Healthcare          40.10
Procter & Gamble            8.78
ONEOK                              17.89
Kinder Morgan                 6.02
ProSiebenSat.1 Media     96.90
BASF                                      51.00
TAG Immobilien                46.17
Amadeus Fire                    54.90
Drillisch                              46.80
Berentzen                          28.50

Total dividend:                  520.48 €

As usual I do apply the latest exchange rate to calculate the overall amount in Australian Dollar. May 2017 brought me a record dividend income of $854.02 AUD. That number alone is so satisfying, looking at that chart comparing the monthly income year over year fills my heart with joy!

As mentioned before, May is definitely an above average month. I received just one payment from Australia and 15 form my US and German shares. Therefore it’s not just the amount that is a record this month, it’s also the number of payments I received. Thinking of all these companies and the countless men and women working in them around the world is truly amazing.
Dividend Growth
My dividend income from May 2016 to 2017 YOY growth is + 86.51 %. May was already a great month last year, so ramping this month up by over 86 percent is way better than I expected. Besides investing more money each and every month, a few of my German investments moved their dividend payment to May.
From the following table we can see that I received in the first five months of 2017 the same amount I received for the full year of 2016. Talk about dividend growth much?! That’s the stuff that keeps me going, I am not even two years into this journey and I am already seeing the progress!

I really couldn’t have asked for a better month. A big dividend growth, record dividend income and I already catch up with last year’s overall dividend. The best part is that even after applying my personal tax rate I made over $500 AUD. That money could cover a lot of my personal expenses, but I would much rather reinvest the money to keep the dividend snowball rolling. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to cross the $1,000 AUD mark next year in May. That’s certainly a goal worth aiming for.
For the first time I also calculated my average monthly dividend income for the next twelve months. Going forward I am expecting a solid $287 AUD per month. I intend to add this number from now on in my monthly dividend income ports.

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

April Dividend Income 2017

Well here we go again, another month! Thirty days to work, live life, and receive some dividend incomes. In my book, it’s definitely been a good month. The sun is still shining in Sydney and keeps me happy at work, although the days are getting shorter really quick now. Living on the southern hemisphere for two years I am still not used to the seasons being reversed. I took a week off just before Easter and did a little trip overseas with my girlfriend.

April 2017 brought the following dividends:

Australian shares in $AUD:
Suncorp                114.56
G8 Education        42.00
Woolworths            24.77

Total dividend:     $181.33 AUD

European and US shares in Euro:
Altria                                    7.82
Philipp Morris                    10.72
Realty Income                    3.53
ETF on Euro STOXX Select Dividend 30        10.86

Total dividend:        32.94 €

Applying the latest exchange rate brings me to an overall dividend income of $232.19 AUD from five companies and one ETF. As I explained in my income post for March, I transfer all numbers into Australian Dollar. The reason behind it is to keep everything in one currency to track my progress.

It’s been a good month; I received a nice amount in Euro and an even nicer one in AUD. The dividend from the ETF was automatically reinvested. At the moment I am holding two ETFs, the one that payed me this month is from a savings plan from last year. I don’t put any more money into this one. The position is worth around 350 Euro at the moment, I am keeping it for now assuming it will go up in value. The other ETF is from a savings plan I am currently putting 100 Euro into. As part of an offer from my bank I am not paying any transaction fees for these buys.

Dividend Growth

My dividend income from April 2016 to 2017 YOY growth is – 12.39 %. What the heck is going on here?! This was supposed to be a one-way street, more income every month, each and every year. Telstra, one of my bigger dividend payers already paid their half-yearly dividend in March instead of April. Last year I also received one dividend from a German company which I have since sold.

April’s year-over-year growth certainly can’t compete with last month. In March I scored a 526% YOY growth. Going forward I’ll most likely never see a percentage like this again. That’s the beauty of dividend growth investing; small amounts and big percentage growth at the beginning, and the exact opposite the further my journey takes me. Overall the year is going well so far. I received $782.25 AUD so far in 2017, which is almost half of the total amount I made in 2016. I don’t have any specific goals for the year, a certain round number I want to achieve. Although it would be nice to double the amount I made last year. We’ll see and time will tell!

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

March Dividend Income 2017

Although I am still figuring my new website out, it’s time to post my first monthly dividend income. March 2017 was a special month, and is part of the reason I started this site. I bought my first shares back in November 2015 and received the very first dividend in March 2016. That means in addition to my dividend income for this month I can also report my first ever year-over-year dividend growth. Let’s just say it’s been an awesome month. And I am not even talking about the fact that I didn’t have to raise a single finger to get this money.
Well, here it is; my dividend income for the month of March.

Australian shares in $AUD:
BHP Billiton         167.13
Telstra                  110.71

Total dividend:     $277.84 AUD

European and US shares in Euro:
Pfizer                              10.60
3M                                   7.68
Royal Dutch Shell         18.3
Daimler                          48.75
Service Corporation     5.58
Extra Space Storage     10.92

Total dividend:               102.27 €

The reason for the split in share categories is that I use two bank accounts for my investments; one in Australia and a second in Germany. With my German bank account, I buy shares from the European and the US market. Dividend growth investing without the US market is just pointless as I want in on those big company names that have paid steady and increasing dividends for many decades. As I grew up in Germany, I also have a list of German companies I want to own just like Daimler, who paid me a sweet dividend this month.
The main currency for this blog will be Australian Dollar, because I live in Australia and earn my salary and pay the bills in Australian Dollar. Applying the current exchange rate, the numbers from both accounts add up to a total of $420.77 AUD. How good is that? I mean seriously, how amazing is it to get over $400 AUD in one month? I am very fortunate!
Let’s go back one year in time and look at March 2016, to my first dividend month. Back then, I received just $67.15 AUD from one company. That’s an increase of 526.58%. How amazing is this? In all fairness though, there are a couple effects that change these results. For example, Telstra paid their dividend in March instead of April. It’s been a great month nonetheless.

Full Disclosure: Long in all above mentioned securities.

My Journey Towards Financial Freedom

This is the very first post on DividendWombat. With this site I am going to document my financial journey. By no means am I an expert of any kind, but I do believe that with persistence, patience and determind work almost everything is possible.

As I am writing this I am 30 years old, about to turn 31, and living in Sydney, Australia. I was born and raised in Germany and spent the first 29 years of my life there learning my profession and studying. Once I finished my studies with a Master degree in Engineering, I decided to move to Australia to try my luck and pursue my own path in life. One thing nobody ever taught me, but I always had in me somehow, was a tremendous interest in the stock market. During my teens and twenties I bought shares here and there, sold them again and bought new ones. I always tryied to make a short term profit; sometimes I did. Unfortunately I never had the necessary funds or the steady income to pursue this as I wanted to. All of this changed once I moved to Australia.

Once I received my first paycheck I started putting money away, and I have done so ever since. For the past one and a half years I have been buying shares; mostly from dividend-paying companies. I have been receiving dividends for over a year now. My aim is to reinvest the dividends and fresh money every month into the Australian, German and US market equally. Inspired by similar sites, I intend to report my dividend income, the purchase of new shares and my overall portfolio.

I am still at the very start of this journey and not entirely sure where it will lead me. That’s the kind of journey worth taking and I intend to enjoy every step along the way, share the experience, the knowledge and look into a brighter future!

Since I am not a native English speaker, I apologise in advance for any grammatical shortcomings.